Package Options


  • 1-hour phone consultation

  • Includes general information on how to sell your business, how to get maximum value, what you should know.

  • Open Q&A

  • 50% discount on a 3 month listing to sell your business

$299 + TAX


  • 2 hour in-person consultation

  • How to find potential buyers

  • What needs to be prepared prior to presenting your business for sale

  • What are the potential frustrations you could experience and managing your own expectation?

  • What due diligence means to you and the importance of an NDA.

  • Open Q&A

  • GTA Only in person or Zoom/FaceTime call can be arranged

$499 + TAX


  • 4 hour in-person consultation (includes Q&A session specific to your business)

  • How to find potential buyers

  • Costs that you may seem to save in the short-term, that come back to haunt you in the long-run.

  • What needs to be prepared prior to presenting your business for sale

  • 5 key things to be aware of that could risk a sale and/or asking price. Are you falling victim to any?

  • What due diligence means to you and the importance of an NDA.

  • GTA Only in person or Zoom/FaceTime call can be arranged

$899 + TAX

If you require more information/clarity on the existing packages or a customized package please contact us and one of our representatives will get back to you: info@torontoentrepreneurs.ca

Disclaimer: Any conversations around the value of your business is a general indicator of value. There are other factors associated with the sale of a business that can impact the value of a business that only an experienced broker or Chartered Business Valuator will be able to identify.



TE Capital will go through various steps, mutual questions and analysis to determine if this buy/sell makes sense for both parties. We will request information, conduct its business review, validate valuation and fit. All transactions are subject to due diligence.
Get Started


1. What kind of business is TE Capital capable of helping you with??

We have an appetite for businesses that are small in nature and generate a positive net cash flow after expenses in the $25,000 to $250,000 range.

2. Is there a particular location of the business?

Yes, at this point in time we are only looking for companies in the Greater Toronto Area and nearby cities.

3. Is there a specific industry that you are looking for?

We are open to all kinds of industries and preference will be given to Business to Business (B2B).

4. What are the pieces of information that I need to prepare for TE Capital?

As a minimum a signed mutual NDA, current financial statements and support information regarding contracts, leases, loans and debtors. A Q&A session will follow as due diligence is a very important part of this process. 

5. Once I send in my request showing my interest in having TE Capital help me, what happens next? 

We will either email you to request further information or contact you by phone with questions.

6. What price is my business worth?

TE Capital will always go through its own process to validate and determine its own valuation of a business. All valuations are subject to our detailed due diligence and we will use professional CBV's where and when appropriate.

7. As an owner/operator of my business, am I required to stay on board for a period of time if/when I sell my business?

Every situation is different, and in most cases, that answer is yes. We always aim to find a mutual fit and uncover what both parties are expecting, which is always taken into consideration.

8. How long does the TE Capital process take?

This will vary for each situation and is not possible to answer. Our objective is to move as fast as possible. There are necessary steps that have to be done with no corners cut, so both parties are happy with the end result, even if that result does not lead to a sale (if that is the right thing for all).

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to not buy your business.